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I run a full-service boutique marketing firm that knows how to earn revenue for its customers.

At any given moment, someone in your ideal target market is looking for what you offer; after-all, 80% of the population buys online. The question is, are you getting found online?

Whether you serve businesses or consumers, whether you sell products or services, I can help you get found and noticed by those looking for you, and more importantly – I can help you get measurable marketing results.

Samuel Hatton – South Atlanta Marketing LLC


Strategic marketing services that scale with your business

Predictable revenue is not built in a day, neither was Rome. The reason why so many marketing programs are sputtering is because they were built by many experiments, most of which were left unmanaged. South Atlanta Marketing (SAM) is much more than a “practice” it’s a proven process for building your marketing engine into an asset that builds new and recurring revenue for your business.

🎬 Video

Have an idea for a video? That is rare, most of our past clients have no idea. They know they want a result, be it smoother orientations or acquisitions or more sales. Whatever result you want from your video, we can help you get it. This is a service we offer in partnership, and SAM is always the executive producer, which gets you an absolutely killer result compared to what you can get with most standalone studios. After all, we are never looking for win-win. We are looking for win-win-win-win-win that sometimes even extends to your customers and their families.

🌍 Websites

Do you have a website need? We do websites on nearly ANY budget. If you want something simple, we are not going to charge you an arm and a leg for it. And if you want a 500 page website build, we can figure that out too. We right-size every single website project based on scope and needs.

πŸ“ˆ Content Strategy

Let us plan the types of content to create to attract and retain customers.

πŸš€ Digital Advertising

Use online platforms from Google Search Pay-Per-Click to Digital Display Advertising to Social Media Ads to promote your business to potential customers.

🧲 Inbound Marketing

Attract customers with valuable content and experiences tailored to them.

🌟 Demand Generation

Create interest in your products or services to get more customers.

πŸ–₯️ Webinars Facilitation

Let us organize and run online seminars or presentations. This is done-for-you, or done-with-you, you decide your level of involvement.

πŸ›οΈ Traditional Advertising

The tride and true advertising principles of direct mail, coupons, promotions, signs, flyers, radio, and tv are still alive and well. There is no reason why what has worked for centuries will stop working now. Let’s do the right things for the results you want for your advertising.

πŸ† Fractional CMO Services

We provide part-time Chief Marketing Officer services to define and lead your marketing strategy. This is a very special service. We take full responsibility for the strategy, execution, and results. NOTE: Currently, this is only provided by our Principal Marketing Engineer (Samuel Hatton) and space is limited to 2 accounts. Simply contact us to see if we have space and/or to get on our waiting list.

πŸ“Š SEO Audits (Starting at $79)

We will check your website to find ways to improve your search engine rankings. $79 is our entry report, with an added $500 fee, you get a much more comprehensive and detailed audit that includes more. You will get an easy to execute strategy with user experience video demonstrations and expert recommendations to your website. You are not on the hook for us to make any changes to your website. You can do this inhouse, hire someone else, or loop us in. Your audit, your choice. We pride oursevlves in the fact that this audit is a standalone item. Simply contact us to get started.

✍️ Press Releases & Blog Content

Let us write official statements for media and articles for your website to share news or insights. We can even get this news distributed to established news outlets. Maybe you just want unique blog content, fantastic! We can write (even ghostwrite) these for you in your voice with your opinions.

πŸ“œ Copywriting - Sales Emails, Webpages, Ads

We know how to write in a way that makes people want to take action. Whether this is in your emails, website pages, or ads, our wrighting aims to sell your products or services. In my humble opinion, our copywriting service is the best bang for your buck on listings, social profiles, and website webpages – especially your home page and contact us page.

πŸ“‹ Marketing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

We can help you create step-by-step instructions to help employees carry out routine marketing operations consistently and efficiently. If you have an office admin interested in marketing, we can equip them to become a powerful marketing force within your organization.

βš™οΈ HubSpot Migrations, Setup, and Management

HubSpot is one of the most effective CRMs for small businesses. We can help you move your data and se it up for your business processes and customer acquisition model.

πŸ“š Marketing Vendor Management

Tired of coordinating vendors? Our marketing vendor management service squarely puts marketing into your hands. We can oversee and coordinate the various marketing suppliers and services you use and get them to speak together in harmony making your marketing engine orchestrated. This is the first step to truly own your marketing program. Not only can we create SOPs or coach and internal resource on marketing coordination, but you can finally hold your vendors accountable for results in a way that you have never been able to before.

πŸ”Ž SEO (Search Engine Marketing)

Let us organize your on page SEO, the content on your website in a way that search engines love. Additionally, we can help you with backlinks to your website so search engines know to show you at the top of search. This results in more qualified traffic to your website.

πŸ“¨ Email Automation Campaigns

Send out emails automatically based on schedules or actions customers take.

🎯 Account Based Marketing

Let us tailor your marketing to specific high-value client buying committees.

πŸ” SEO Keyword Research

Let us find the terms people use on search engines so you can create content that shows up in their searches.

πŸ“’ Outbound Marketing

Let us reach out to potential customers through general advertising and done-for-you cold-contact methods.

πŸŽ™οΈ Podcast Production

Let us help create and manage podcast episodes for your brand or business.

πŸ“± Social Media

Management: We can handle your business’s social media accounts and post content to engage your your audience. This offering has several tiers depending on how active you want your social account(s) to be. With SAM you can assure that your social media management is right-sized for your budget.

Ads: We know social media ads and do it well. You will always know what is going on and what message we are putting out there. Our ads get results.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Coaching

Marketing coaching is near and dear to our heart. We believe that marketing should be owned by the clients we serve. Meaning they can scale and plug in our campaigns under the management of their marketing manager. Our standard marketing coaching package is one of the most effective ways to use our hourly billable rate.

βž• ... and more.

Whatever your marketing needs, we have the expertise and tools to tailor unique solutions that drive your business forward. Simply contact us. We are here to help!

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