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Corporate Video Package + Attract Strategy

High Quality Corporate Videos That Get Views and Convert

Get high quality corporate videos with a search first approach. Brand videos should be made for online consumption and have search engine optimization (SEO) planning prior to shoot. Sandwich video production with the Attract Strategy on the back-end, and you have twice the effectiveness and longevity. This translates to better ROI on your marketing assets. Videos showcase your business to sell customers, and the Attract Strategy showcases your videos to attract views. You’ll be floored at how effective our video package is at attracting & selling your business, products, and services.

Our standard package includes, a short form video, a longer form video, and two solid client testimonials. Depending on your needs will depend on the price. Tell me what you are looking for and we’ll go from there.

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Samuel Hatton

Over my long tenure as a marketing professional in the IT services industry, I have personally directed over a dozen corporate videos then deployed incredible SEO to make sure those videos got eyes from potential buyers. Having produced video corporate video bundles in the 1M view count, I know how to get an audience.

Every service based business needs to showcase their product, and for service based businesses, your people are your product. Those you serve, help form the relationships that business is built on. Let’s crate some hard hitting, high attracting, and converting marketing media that drives pipeline, and builds relationships your business can stand on.

– Samuel Hatton, Founder of Hatton.Marketing

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