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Hatton.Marketing is fantastic at search marketing, especially when it comes to doing search marketing for regional managed IT firms.

At any given moment, someone in your ideal target market is looking for a better IT solution, 17% of SMBs are making a switch this year! I can help you fill both sides of your lead funnel (ready-to-buy leads & not-yet-ready leads) through excellent PPC (pay-per-click) ad management & content marketing & conversion optimization.


PPC Search Ads

Get Google Ads and Microsoft (Bing) Ads campaigns that produce. I am well versed in PPC (pay-per-click) search and display advertising. I’ve been in this industry for 12 years, I know how to do this right. Let’s get you predictable revenue!


SEO Content

We’ll build a search first content strategy together that will get you to the top of Google. SEO (Search engine optimization) will make your content pages and posts into revenue assets that generate more top-of-funnel and ready-to-buy leads.


Video Package

My videos get views. Not only will you get top-quality corporate videos that sell your services for you, but they will be juiced with SEO leveraging our proprietary Attract Strategy. If your videos are not generating inquiries, you are doing it wrong.

Need something else marketing related?

I may not be a full-service marketing consultant, but you’d be surprised at the marketing challenges I have solved. Here’s everything I can do sitting in the leadership and senior operator marketing roles during my 12-year tenure in marketing:

  • Demand Generation
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Email Automation Campaigns
  • Inbound & Outbound Marketing
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting – Sales Emails
  • Podcast Production
  • Press Releases & Blog Content
  • Social Media Management
  • Webinar Facilitation
  • Systemization
  • HubSpot Migrations & Setup
  • CRM Setups and Integrations
  • Mentoring Internal Resources
  • Marketing Vendor Management
  • Workflows and Automations

That’s a lot right? Well… You may not need a lot. Read more …👇

Don’t be fooled. More is not always better.

The reason why so many marketing programs are so hectic is because they were built by many experiments, many of which were left unchecked overtime.

So instead of trying to all the marketing things, I recommend doing the opposite. Focus on a few hard-hitting campaigns that get results, do them well, and then build upon that success with the next optimization or piece of the marketing engine.

This strategic approach to marketing will guarantee your predictable revenue growth. Stop wasting marketing dollars on agencies that are trying to do it all. Instead, only set out to execute what can feasibly get your marketing dollars back at 3x-5x ROI.

Do you want 3x-5x from your marketing budget for your IT Service Based Business?

Sounds too good to be true right? Not at all! If you are selling Managed IT Services, I can get you these revenue results. And if you are selling something different, maybe I can, maybe I can’t. I know how to market Outsourced IT Support Firms, and I know how to design, build, and maintain a well oiled MSP (managed service provider) marketing engine that produces predictable revenue.

Samuel Hatton drawing you into your greatness.

Samuel Hatton
Hatton.Marketing Founder

I’m Samuel Hatton. I am a Marketing Advisor & Fractional CMO* specialized in helping service-based IT support firms get found by those who are looking for your services. I do this through paid and organic search marketing as well as account based targeted marketing, layer on a robust content marketing strategy, and you have leads. Simple.

Then let’s get them to convert, be that sales enablement, or a long-arch marketing automation nurture campaign. Together we can produce a tailored go to market strategy for always ON marketing that produces predictable revenue.

📃 Degrees in Business Corporate Entrepreneurship (BS) & Performance (AA)
📃 Certifications in Google, Hubspot, and American Marketing Association
🎯 12 years full-time experience in sales & marketing

*Note: I dedicate many hours to my fractional CMO clients. I only 2 client spots open at any given moment.

Currently Samuel Hatton is accepting applications to onboard 1 Fractional CMO opportunity. Start inquiry for this service by filling the form below and mention specifically FCMO or “Fractional CMO” in the comments.


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– Samuel Hatton, Hatton.Marketing Founder

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